Feedback and complaints

Let us know how we’re doing

If you think we’ve made a mistake or that our service isn’t up to scratch, please tell us. But also let us know if you think we’ve done something great, so we can keep doing what makes you happy.

When you give us your feedback, we find out how our service is, and what we could do to improve it to help make your experience better.

How to let us know

There’s a number of ways you can give us your feedback or make a complaint.

Email us

Give us your feedback online by completing our feedback form.

Call us

Feedback: 0800 275 269 
8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
You can speak to a team leader if you’d like to.

Complaints: 0800 788 999 
+64 9 924 9241^ (from overseas)
Mon-Fri, 9am–5pm

Visit us in store

Have a quick chat with one of our staff at your nearest BNZ store or speak to the store manager if it’s a complaint.

Write to us

BNZ Resolve
PO Box 995
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140

Taking a complaint further

If you’ve made a complaint and feel it still hasn’t been resolved, you can ask for help from the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, a free service which is independent of scheme participants, customers and government.

Unfortunately, they can’t deal with some types of complaints, including those about:

  • whether we should lend you money
  • our interest rate policies or the amount of our standard fees and charges
  • a claim for more than $200,000.

For more information and contact details, see the Banking Ombudsman Scheme website.

Code of Banking Practice

We abide by the Code of Banking Practice pdf 349kb which sets out the principles of good banking practice.  The Code is set by the member banks of the New Zealand Banker’s Association, in consultation with the public, other industry participants, and the Banking Ombudsman. We agree to follow good banking practices as a minimum standard in our relationship with you.


Customer research panel

One of the ways we stay in touch with what your needs are is to regularly find out how you’re feeling about banking in general. We do this by asking you to take part in short online surveys and discussions to share your experiences.

If you’d like to take part in these, you can join our customer research panel, BNZ Voice.

To join you must:

  • be over 15-years old
  • not be employed in the banking industry
  • be a BNZ customer
  • live in New Zealand and have internet access.

You could even win great prizes for taking part, including iPads and Fly Buys Points^.

Register for BNZ Voice