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If you have an account with us that you’re still using, but we no longer sell, you’ll find the rates and fees or relevant information for the account below. If you can’t find your account below, contact us for more information.

All rates and fees are subject to change.

TotalMoney for Business

Rates and fees are subject to change.

Interest rates (%p.a.)
Credit Balance Interest Rates

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Overdraft Base Rate 10.20%^
Term loan -% p.a.^
Monthly base or account management fee^ $10.00 Charged to one TotalMoney account.
No account fees apply to the following: No charges for deposits to the account^, staff assisted transactions, ATM, BNZ Internet and Electronic Transactions, Automatic Payments and cheques written each month. It also includes the set up and amendment of Automatic Payments and Bill Payments using Internet Banking. No cash handling fees. Other Service Fees still apply.
Facility fees
Overdraft establishment fee
(Payable on establishment of facility)
From $100
Overdraft facility fee^ (Payable monthly in arrears) 0.15% per month ($5 minimum)


rate (% p.a.)
Overdraft (Base rate) 3.55 + margin*^ 
Term loan (90 day rate) - + margin^

*Rate published as at Wednesday, 1 September 2021. If you need a current rate, phone 0800 275 269.

Farm First Transact

  Pay As You Go Plan $10 Plan
Interest rate (%p.a.)

Credit Balance Interest Rates

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Farming Overdraft Base Rate

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Monthly base fee^  $3.50 $10.00
No Account Fees apply for the following Not Applicable

All transactions each month.^

BNZ Internet Banking and Internet Banking for Business 15 cents. Service Fees may apply. No Charge. Service Fees may apply.
Electronic transactions:
(EFTPOS, Direct Debits, Direct Credits, Telephone Banking, self service transactions & Automatic Payments)
35 cents. Service Fees may apply. No Charge. Service Fees may apply.
Manual Transactions:
(Cheques written, Freepost deposits, branch/staff assisted transactions, Express Deposits and ATM (including outward and inward payments))
65 cents. Service Fees may apply. No Charge. Service Fees may apply.
Overdraft facility fee No charge No charge
Same-day cleared payments See fees  
The following Service Fees are included in your $10 monthly base fee:
Automatic Payments
Bill Payments
Direct Debit
Telephone Banking
Internet Banking
Transaction Service Fees

Stock Finance

This product is no longer available for new lending. For existing customers, pricing is specific to your loan product. Find a BNZ Partner or call 0800 273 916 for more information. 

Business First Visa

Interest rate (%p.a.)
Purchase interest rate

Quarterly account fee per card $6.25

Late payment fee


Over limit fee