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3D Secure for ecommerce sites

3D Secure makes online shopping safer by authenticating a customer’s identity when they make a purchase on an ecommerce site. It’s provided by Visa as ‘Visa Secure’, and Mastercard as ‘Mastercard Identity Check’.

We require all ecommerce businesses to use 3D Secure. It helps your business by reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks^ (transactions disputed by the customer).

Even with 3D Secure, it’s important to have checks in place to prevent fraud and chargebacks. If these occur too often, we might require you to take further measures to run your online business uninterrupted.

How 3D Secure works

When a customer makes a credit or debit card payment via your ecommerce site, 3D Secure authenticates their identity by requesting the card issuer, such as the bank, to complete a real time assessment. It uses key data such as the customer's shipping address and device ID, to authenticate the payment.

Sometimes the card issuer may not be able to authenticate the payment. When this happens, the customer will need to provide more proof. This may include a one-time passcode or biometrics (such as approval through the BNZ app).

Setting up 3D Secure

We only support 3D Secure for Visa and Mastercard. For Diners Club or American Express, you’ll need to talk to them directly about their options. 

To set up 3D Secure, you’ll need to have:

  • an approved BNZ merchant facility
  • an ecommerce site that meets our minimum requirements
  • a payment option that supports 3D Secure, via a certified solutions provider^.

We might be able to set up 3D Secure for you for free, depending on your gateway and payment solution. Contact us to learn more.

Costs involved

We don’t charge you anything to set up 3D Secure on your site or for using it to verify purchases. Your payment gateway provider may charge fees for 3D Secure. 

If you have a non-gateway hosted shopping cart solution, you’ll need to get your site connected to your payment gateway’s 3D Secure interface. This may involve costs to you for development work to your website.

Please discuss your options with your gateway provider.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help, get in touch with our Merchant Sales and Service Team.

Call 0800 737 774 Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm.

More information for merchants about how 3D Secure works