Financial solutions designed to help not-for-profit organisations manage their finances.

We’ve been helping not-for-profit organisations for many decades. Everything we’ve learned along the way is helping us to provide financial services that are more in tune to your unique needs.  Right now, we’re working with more than 17,000 not-for-profit organisations throughout the country.

Over the years we’ve gained a special appreciation of the challenges you face. For instance, we know about the need for fundraising and publicity. We also understand that investments and capital resources have to work particularly hard, because the money they earn has to go as far as possible.  At the same time, we know that risk levels need to be kept low.

So it’s with knowledge of your unique requirements that we’ve developed our not-for-profit solution.  It’s an approach that’s purpose-built to support the success of your good work.

Times when your BNZ Partner can really make a difference

  • Investing money to create ongoing income for projects
  • Providing simple and cost effective payment solutions
  • Managing day-to-day financial matters
  • Developing investment strategies and plans – and making sure these comply with your fiduciary obligations

Products and services that work harder for you

Your BNZ Partner can suggest financial products and services that are tuned to your organisation’s needs.  Here are a few that could be right for you:

Not-for-Profit transaction account 

We have a low-cost transaction account specifically for not-for-profit organisations. Special features include:

  • No monthly base fee
  • No charges for manual^, electronic^, BNZ ATM, or BNZ Internet Banking transactions (service fees may apply)^
  • Credit interest paid six-monthly in February and August^

Arranged overdraft facilities^^ are available for not-for-profit organisations, but they’re not available through the Not-for-Profit transactional account. Contact your BNZ Partner for more information.

The Not-for-Profit transaction account is available to any charity, society, association or organisation that returns any profit, property or benefits to the wider community and not to any individual member or members.  For example:

  • Charitable institutions
  • Community organisations
  • Social organisations
  • Sports organisations
  • Environmental organisations
  • Religious organisations

Private and institutional wealth

Together with other specialists, our Private Bank Partners can provide your organisation with professional advice on all your banking, financial planning and investment needs.  We have virtually unlimited access to a diverse range of financial solutions locally and globally.  Our proposition is ideally suited to the special fiduciary, risk and performance needs of not-for-profit organisations.

Governance workshops

We provide access to governance workshops and relevant experts to help trustees of not-for-profit organisations understand and fulfil their special responsibilities when looking after their organisation’s financial assets.

Online banking solutions

Internet Banking for Business (IB4B) is designed for organisations large, small or mobile and has all the banking options you’re used to, with extra innovations to get you ahead. Coupled with our Mobile Business Banking app, IB4B is the quick and easy way to get your banking done online 24/7.^

Your BNZ Partner can work with you to understand your requirements and get you registered.

Term investments

We offer a range of competitive savings and term deposit options to help your organisation manage its funds, along with longer term capital market products such as corporate bonds.