J Swap Contractors Ltd

You can cover a lot of road in 50 years

Shaping the country's infrastructure is a never-ending task for J Swap Contractors Limited. And it's not something you'd ever want to cut corners with. After all, they're responsible for the very ground we drive on, producing over two million tonnes of aggregate to build roads across New Zealand per year.

And that's just one aspect of the business. One thing to note about J Swap Contractors is how diverse they are.

Even in the 1930s when Joe Swap first began working for Waikato farmers, the business was multi-faceted. And after passing through three generations of the Swap family, it's still growing. Today, J Swap Contractors is a renowned name in the Kiwi contracting industry. And the secret to their success is deceptively simple – they work hard and they've never stopped driving the business forward.

Naturally, to reinvest and grow the business, they needed to free up funds. Borrowing against their new and existing assets gave J Swap Contractors access to cash flow when they needed it. This meant the freedom to upgrade vehicles and machinery, bring in extra resources and expand into new areas. It also enabled them to weather economic turbulance, which are bound to crop up when your business has seen more than 50 years of history. 

The relationship with BNZ stretches back a long way too – J Swap Contractors has partnered with BNZ for more than 50 years. And while it's not every day you find a bank willing to back a business through every up and down, it's also rare for a business to keep focused on the long-term like J Swap Contractors. For them, every business decision is an educated one.

With this sort of track record, it's not a stretch to think that J Swap Contractors and BNZ will still be breaking ground together for another 50 years to come.

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