Greenvale Pastures

What’s green is gold.

It's one of New Zealand's most precious resources, yet most people think nothing of seeing it pour down the drain. But in truth, fresh water is a lifeline. And Roz and Craige Mackenzie aren't 'most people'.

This couple, owners of Greenvale Pastures, know that fresh water resource can make or break a farmer, especially in Canterbury. They're committed to sustainable farming. So committed they're investing their livelihood in it, pioneering a newly developed precision irrigation system across their own property.

Both Roz and Craige are from arable farming families, with history deeply rooted in the region, so a genuine respect for the environment was ingrained from an early age. They share a belief that New Zealand's natural resources don't belong to any single generation. They need to be protected, so we can ensure the land used today will remain viable for generations to come.

But as with any business, finances are an integral factor in how you move forward. Installing the precision irrigation system had to be fiscally sound, not simply idealism. But the Mackenzies believe that the bottom line of any company is intrinsically intertwined with its environmental sustainability. So while there may be initial set-up costs to go green, long-term the right solution should help you keep out of the red.

For Greenvale Pastures, the benefits of their precision irrigation system are increasingly evident with each new season. Their latest figures show their average water usage was reduced by a staggering 32% on the previous year. For agriculture, and Canterbury farmers in particular, this opens the door to entirely new possibilities.

In a nutshell, the soil variability is mapped via an electromagnetic sensor, and the soil survey data determines where soil moisture probes are placed across the property. These probes then feed info back to Craige in real time, allowing him to instruct the fully automated system from his trusty laptop. He can choose the exact level of water and nutrients required for individual areas.

And while the technology behind precision irrigation is complex, the idea is beautifully simple. It's all about having the right information at the right time, so Craige can account for everything from soil density or the type of crop, to changing weather patterns.

This kind of big-picture thinking required the right financial partner. And for Roz and Craige it was about much more than looking for the next big flashy rate. It was about the best people for the job.

BNZ's long history of supporting agriculture was reflected in the level of service, knowledge and the communication the couple received from their BNZ Partner. They needed people who 'got them'. And that's exactly what they found.

Not surprisingly the bank is excited to be on the journey with them. They're about people too. Which means they're not only proud to back Greenvale Pastures, they're proud to back Roz and Craige Mackenzie.

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