Faull Farms

Gavin travels the world as a CEO, but can’t leave Taranaki.

Most New Zealand kids from farming backgrounds share a similar desire. They hope to one day have their own patch of dirt to pass on to future generations. But agriculture is a slow burn as far as investment goes, so once you've ventured into the corporate world, business training and education often conflicts with that dream.

It's a challenging dynamic. But one Gavin Faull has approached unflinchingly.

By focusing heavily on his business career and growing capital independently, Gavin has funded the conversion of his family farm to become completely self-sustaining. His heart and his heritage are still firmly rooted in the ‘Naki', but the new developments enable him to run Faull Farms remotely from anywhere in the world.

As an International CEO, with over 120 hotels and projects, Gavin's success in the business world is staggering and Faull Farms in now regarded as one of New Zealand's most advanced dairy systems. So while the scale he's working on may be out of the ordinary, will this need to farm remotely, one day, become the norm?

Today, Faull Farms has developed into one of the area's largest suppliers to Fonterra. And with BNZ's backing 1200 cows are being milked through a ‘Supershed', a 60-bale rotary, with every modern accessory you could mention. It's become a point of fascination for many locals, and Gavin and his family have made it open to schools for educational purposes. Kids flock out to see a real farm in operation, and you can understand why. It contains a full milking-management system, complete with automated text responses containing milking yield data.

It doesn't stop there though. Faull Farms also includes an automated calf-rearing shed, underground vehicle passes, as well as full kitchens, playrooms, and living areas to accommodate farm staff and their families.

Despite his heavy schedule, Gavin is still on the farm every month to check on his investment, and keep the connection alive. His enthusiasm is shared by BNZ. He's mentioned freely that he never needed to explain his vision to the bank, they simply understood. And with the knowledge and support they brought to the mix, it's no wonder Taranaki is now home to one of the country's leading dairy operations. And you can bet that, with the ambition the Faull family are renowned for, this story is far from finished.

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