TotalMoney business loan

Cut years off your business loan and use your everyday business accounts to reduce the interest you pay, plus you can make extra repayments if you want to.

-% p.a.^
Best Value Small Business Bank

Our TotalMoney business term loan, which is secured by your residential property, is for small businesses with turnover less than $1m.^ It lets you use the combined balances of your TotalMoney business accounts^ to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your variable business loan.

By paying less interest, you pay back more of your original loan (the principal) with each repayment. This means you could get debt-free faster, by saving thousands of dollars in interest.

And the great thing is that TotalMoney does all of the hard work in the background – you don’t have to change the way you manage your business expenses, and your regular loan repayments stay the same. Easy.

Did you know?

Over the last five years, TotalMoney has helped New Zealanders save over $101m in interest.^  Use our calculator and find out how much your small business could save.

How it works

TotalMoney looks at the combined balances of your TotalMoney business and transaction accounts and subtracts these from the total owing on your loan,^ reducing the amount of interest you pay. This is often called an ‘offsetting loan’.^ Watch our offsetting video to learn more.

You don’t need to have large sums in your accounts. The interest is calculated daily so having your main business expenses, like wages, petty cash, income tax or monthly bills, sitting in your business accounts, will all help to lower the interest you pay.

For example, if you have $25,000 in your business accounts and offset this against a $150,000 business term loan, you’ll only pay interest on $125,000. Calculate how much you could save, using our ‘How much can your small business save’ calculator.

TotalMoney for Small Business offsetting graph

Get extra flexibility when you need it

TotalMoney gives you the flexibility to make extra loan repayments, on top of your minimum scheduled repayments, whenever you like. And if you make additional repayments, you have the option of redrawing these funds at a later date. You also have flexibility on the term of your loan – 1 year up to 15 years. The minimum starting loan size is $5,000.

Did you know?

You can also use the combined balances in your TotalMoney business accounts to earn more interest.^ We treat the money as one big total when calculating the interest rate. Learn more.


TotalMoney for Business Term Loan floating rate: - (% p.a.)^