TotalBusiness lending facility

Our TotalBusiness Lending Facility gives you the flexibility to choose how you fund your business growth and manage your own cash flow requirements.

  • Ability to have lending, overdraft, and transactional accounts in a single package, within an overarching limit^
  • Quick and easy access to available funds – in most cases only a phone call or email away
  • Structure your loans and overdraft to suit your business' cash flow requirements
  • Include a TotalBusiness Transaction Account with a fixed monthly account fee to match your transactional banking usage.

Design the lending structure that works best for you and your business

You can structure your Facility to have multiple term loans and overdrafts within an agreed overarching limit and you can call upon available funds quickly and easily. And, in agreement with your BNZ Partner, you could convert an overdraft to a term loan, providing you with further flexibility and control over your business' lending and growth.

Make your business life easier and simpler

  • Quick and easy – In most cases, once your TotalBusiness Lending Facility is created, all you need to do is pick up the phone or send an email to your BNZ Partner to make changes to your facilities and access funds.
  • Simple – There's no need to sign multiple loan documents when you make changes to your facility.
  • Easy reference – Receive a TotalBusiness Lending Facility status summary when changes are made to help you keep track of your financial position.
  • Versatility – Get access to overdraft facilities so you can deal with cash flow fluctuations.

You can also benefit from having simple transaction accounts within TotalBusiness, with one fixed monthly account fee tailored to meet your business' transactional banking usage.

Get financial flexibility

A TotalBusiness Lending Facility can provide you and your business with the financial flexibility to:

  • Arrange an overarching term of between one and five years to best suit your needs.
  • Draw down term loans within your overarching limit to meet your ongoing funding requirements.
  • Structure multiple term loans with different interest and repayment periods^ to suit your cash flow fluctuations.
  • Lock in a fixed-term loan interest rate up to 60 days in advance^ to protect your business from rising interest rates.
  • Repay some of or the entire amount of a 90-day fixed rate term loan (should you choose to take one out) at any time with no extra cost.


Our interest rates are tailored to suit your business and its borrowing needs. Rates are subject to BNZ's lending criteria and terms and conditions, and will also depend on a number of other factors such as the term of your loan and the amount you wish to borrow.

To find out about interest rates, send us an enquiry or get in touch with a BNZ Partner through our BNZ Partners Centres.