Set your monthly fee to match your banking needs and have the flexibility to add an overdraft if you need to.

TotalBusiness tailors your account fees specifically to meet your businesses' individual requirements. That means you can be sure of one thing in your business each month – a known quantity in your transactional banking fee.^

A set monthly fee means no surprises

With a BNZ TotalBusiness account, you'll pay just one set monthly fee for all of your transactions and specified services.^ Having certainty of how much you'll be charged each month can make budgeting easier and helps reduce any unwelcome surprises.

One fee designed for your needs

When you first set up your TotalBusiness account, your BNZ Partner will discuss the monthly set fee with you, and inform you about what this fee will cover and how it could best benefit you. BNZ can conduct regular reviews of your account activity to help you to ensure that your account continues to meet your transactional requirements.

A handy overdraft for backup

Should the need arise, a handy overdraft facility can be added to your TotalBusiness account to help with cash flow fluctuations. Once the facility has been approved, it's there to use whenever you need it, up to your approved limit.

24-hour access for easy business money management

You can access^ your TotalBusiness account in all the usual ways - internet banking, telephone banking, cheques, direct debits, automatic payments, EFTPOS and ATMs.