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Understanding and reporting card fraud

A compromised card is a card that is at risk of being used for fraudulent transactions.

What to do if you think your card’s being used fraudulently 

Let us know straight away if your credit card, Eftpos or Flexi Debit Visa is lost, stolen, or you think it may have been used fraudulently. 

For credit cards:

  • Call 0800 735 901 (24 hours, seven days).
  • If you’re overseas, you can call us collect from a land line +64 4 473 5901.

For Eftpos and Flexi Debit Visa cards:

  • Call 0800 275 269 (24 hours, seven days).
  • If you’re overseas, call us on +64 4 801 2400 (toll charges apply).

How we protect your cards

Zero fraud liability

If you’re the victim of credit card fraud, you’re covered with our Zero Fraud Liability guarantee. This means we’ll repay any fraudulent transactions made using your credit card or Flexi  Debit Visa (online or in branch) as long as you’ve complied with your credit card, Eftpos card, or Flexi Debit Visa terms and conditions. This includes telling us straightaway if you see unusual transactions on your card, if you lose your card, and selecting a suitable PIN and protecting your PIN properly at all times.

Liquid encryption technology

Liquid encryption technology (LENSecure) help protects you and your card from fraud. Every time you use your card in one of our ATMs, LENSecure updates the security information on your card’s magnetic strip. This means that in the unlikely event that someone manages to make a copy of your card, the fake card will be out of date pretty quickly. 

How cards are compromised

Your card could be compromised through either your physical card or your card account data, such as your card number, being stolen. You might not know your card has been compromised until we tell you.

If your card has been lost or stolen, it’s important to let us know straight away if this happens, or if you think it might have been used fraudulently.