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How we keep your information secure

We've taken steps to make sure that you and your computer are safe when visiting our website, and/or using internet banking and mobile banking.

A secure website

Our website has security certificates (issued by Entrust) which prove to you that our site is genuine, encrypted, and secure, giving you peace of mind that your personal and financial confidential information is protected.

You can check that our site (and any other website you visit) has been authenticated with a security certificate easily in any internet browser you are using. Proof of the authentication appears in a variety of ways — the address bar or part of the URL may be green (or any other colour depending on your browser) or there will be a padlock symbol next to the address or in another part of the address bar. Sometimes, you may have to click a similar padlock symbol at the bottom of the browser page to see the certificate. If you ever go to our website, and you can’t see a sign that the site has a security certificate, please call us on 0800 800 468.

Protecting your banking information with advanced technology

To stop other people seeing or tampering with your internet or mobile banking information, we use encryption to scramble the information while it travels over the internet or mobile phone networks. We also use sophisticated firewall technology to protect our computer systems, and your information within them, against fraudulent access via the internet.

If you are logged into one of our internet banking services, but you haven’t done anything for 20 minutes (or five minutes on mobile banking), we’ll automatically log you out to prevent anyone else continuing your session and accessing your accounts or information through that computer or smartphone.

Online Banking

When you use our internet banking or mobile banking, you are protected by two-step authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to our other systems and procedures.

Monitoring our security systems, equipment and suspicious activity

We regularly audit and inspect our security systems and equipment. We continuously monitor online banking transactions and if there’s any suspicious activity on your accounts, our fraud department will be notified immediately. We also provide security alerts on whenever we become aware of suspicious activity online.

Things we’ll never ask you to do

We'll never change the login process for internet banking without telling you first, and we will never ask you to tell us or anyone your password.