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Preparing for a personal lending appointment

To make the most of your personal lending appointment for a new BNZ credit card, personal loan, or overdraft facility, you’ll need to provide us with details of your finances. This information will help us to assess if you meet our lending criteria. 

Note: To apply for a new BNZ credit card or personal loan, you’ll need to be a BNZ customer with an existing transactional account that you’ve had for more than 3 months, or a loan with us.

What to bring to your appointment

Details of your finances

To assess your eligibility, we’ll need to see:

  • credit card statements from the three most recent, consecutive months, if you have a credit card
  • statements showing your regular expenses, including outgoings for rent, utility bills, insurance, transport, food, clothing, and entertainment
  • details for any loans, finance, or buy now pay later accounts
  • details for any financial commitments, like body corporate fees, childcare or school fees, and gym memberships.

If you’re appointment is for an overdraft facility, and you’re new to BNZ or don’t bank with BNZ, we’ll also need to see: 

  • bank statements covering the three most recent, consecutive months
  • your New Zealand driver licence or passport as proof of your identity. Learn more about our identification requirements.

Note: Please provide all digital documents in PDF format.

To get a better understanding of the details you’ll need to provide, refer to the Statement of Position form PDF 370KB.