Newmarket branch & ATMs

330 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

This BNZ Branch has changed their weekend services

Staff assisted services are now cashless on weekends where cash-based withdrawals, deposits and change orders are no longer processed at the counter by staff.  Pre-ordered change orders and foreign currency orders are still available for pick up and the Smart ATMs at this branch now do more to assist with your banking needs.

Our Smart ATMs now do more for you

The street facing Smart ATM at this branch can now accept notes, cheques and up to 600 coins in one deposit 24/7.  The Smart ATM wall inside this branch has also been upgraded and can now accept up to 85 notes and cheques and up to 600 coins in one deposit.


Smart ATM available 24/7

Branch Features

  • Extended hours
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Smart ATM
  • Wheelchair access

Atm Features

  • 8 language options
  • Accepts coin deposits
  • Accepts deposits
  • Smart ATM available 24/7