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Interchange reimbursement fees

An interchange reimbursement fee is a fee paid by an acquirer (a financial institution that processes card transactions on behalf of a merchant) to an issuer (a financial institution that issues cards to cardholders).

Fees are subject to change without notice by the Schemes.  Refer to or for more information about interchange fees. 

Interchange reimbursement fee schemes

Visa account funding transaction (AFT) interchange reimbursement fees

An AFT is a VisaNet transaction that pulls funds from a Visa card account for the purpose of funding a different, non-merchant account, such as prepaid card accounts, financial accounts, P2P accounts, or digital wallets. See more information on

BNZ domestic card issuing interchange reimbursement fees

BNZ, as an issuer of Visa branded payment cards, has set the following interchange reimbursement fees that will apply to purchases made by holders of a BNZ New Zealand issued Visa card. 

Fees are subject to change without notice. Refer to for more information about interchange fees.