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How MyBusiness Live works

MyBusiness Live is a smart dashboard that shows you how the different parts of your business are performing, in one place. 

Using data from the business apps connected to your dashboard, MyBusiness Live can provide you with insights on key metrics to help you make quicker, more informed decisions.

How apps work

An app is a software program designed to perform a specific function. Businesses often use many different apps to run, monitor and organise different aspects of their businesses. You probably already use many apps, for instance: Google Analytics™, Facebook, Shopify, or MYOB.

If you’re a BNZ customer, you can connect the BNZ Mobile Business Banking app or Mobile Banking app to show your account balances in your dashboard.

Find out more about connecting apps.

How tiles work

The insights you see on your dashboard are called tiles, and are powered by one or more specific apps.  For example, the Cash & Commitments tile can be powered by Xero, MYOB, or Wave, depending on which app/s you have.

Find out more about adding tiles.

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Need more help?

For any enquiries or to report an issue, email or call 0800 296 4242.

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