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How to set up your PayClip terminal

To learn how to set up your PayClip terminal, follow the steps below, or use the downloadable guide

1. Turn your terminal on

Press and hold the Power button (on the right-hand side of the terminal) for a few seconds until the screen lights up. 

2. Your terminal will power up

Your PayClip will open on the Payment screen. If you have enabled the SIM on your PayClip, you’re good to go. You can start processing transactions. If not, you’ll need to connect your terminal to Wi-Fi. 

3. Connect to Wi-Fi

Swipe down from the Notification bar at the top of the screen and tap and hold the Wi-Fi icon. 

4. Find your network

Select your network from the available networks list. If you are using a hotspot from your mobile device, this will also appear in the list of available networks to connect to. 

5. Connect to the network

Follow the prompts on screen and tap Connect. Press the circle button at the bottom of the screen to navigate back to the Payment screen to start taking payments. 

Watch the video

Watch our video on how to turn on, charge, and connect your PayClip terminal. 

Download the guide

PayClip quick start guide PDF 660KB