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The future of New Zealand’s supply chain

Is the answer to New Zealand’s supply chain pain to be found in green hydrogen? Jason Reeves, BNZ Head of Export talks to Robett Hollis about the challenges and opportunities our port and logistics industries are facing and offers a few solutions to start the conversation.

Paul Conway’s 2022 Economic Update

Paul Conway, BNZ Chief Economist shares his economic outlook for 2022. Hear how things are likely to unfold in global supply chain, outward migration and the quality of our education system.

Why does productivity matter?

Paul Conway, BNZ Chief Economist and Robett Hollis, multi-exit entrepreneur share thoughts on how productivity creates more value in businesses, in turn paying people better wages, paying investors a better return, or being able charge customers less to be more competitive and thrive.

Designing products in line with a circular economy

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur and Rebecca Percasky, co-founder of The Better Packaging Co., discuss how businesses can succeed while putting sustainability at the heart of every business decision.

Building wealth through business ownership

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur and Debbie Humphrey, founder of Spring, talk about building wealth through business ownership. 

Sales methodology explained

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur and Mike Stokes, founder and CEO of Indicator, discuss the impact of a strong sales methodology on growing sales capability and revenue.

Hope isn’t a strategy, a business needs a plan

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur, and Leigh Paulden, Director of Scalable Sustainable Business Growth, discuss the importance of setting a clear business strategy. 

Inspiring a culture of success with the Crusaders

Angus Gardiner, General Manager of the Crusaders and ex Crusader, talks about the secret to the Crusaders’ success, and how you can apply these tactics in your business to set yourself apart from the competition.

Download the workbook Culture and leadership (124 KB).


Search made simple 

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur, and Richard Conway from Pure SEO cover the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the opportunities in search engine marketing (SEM) for small business.

How to leverage the power of online marketplaces

Robett Hollis, NZ tech entrepreneur, and Hamish Conway, founder of Sell Global cover the rise of online marketplaces and how to tap into hundreds of millions of online shoppers.

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