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Planning your digital transformation to drive revenue

Romi Dexter from Hype & Dexter talks through her 10 step checklist to digital transformation and the importance of knowing your customers, how to collect data at every touchpoint, and engaging with them during their buying journey.

Download the workbook Digital transformation plan (PDF 148KB).

How to leverage social media

Wendy Thompson from Socialites talks about her strategy for social media advertising and how to use her ‘create once publish everywhere’ principle.

Download the workbook Social media (PDF 148 KB).

Reinventing B2B sales in a COVID-19 world

Owen Scott from Concentrate, speaks about reinventing B2B Sales, his seven steps to building a sales machine, and improving sales efficiency from indirect leads.

Download the workbook Scaling sales for your B2B business in a COVID world (PDF 180KB).

Creating a brand story

Sam Ramlu from Method, talks about her five step approach for creating your own brand story, to help differentiate your small business and drive the right leads.

Download the workbook Create your story (PDF 1.4 MB).

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