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Taking your business to the world

Exporting provides an important avenue for expanding business opportunities and reaching a wider global audience. In this episode of BNZ Connect, Frances Cook talks to Carmen Doran, CEO of Helius Therapeutics and David Downs, CEO of NZ Story. They talk about exporting, the critical role of market research in identifying potential export markets, government support and trade agreements. They also shed light on challenges faced by New Zealand businesses when entering international markets.

Emerging payment technologies

Frances Cook, BNZ Connect host, talks to Adrian Smith (Ngāpuhi) and Joe Rastrick to explore the impact of open banking and emerging payment technologies on businesses. Adrian Smith (Ngāpuhi) is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of BlinkPay, and Joe Rastrick is the Head of PayTech and Emerging Payments at BNZ.

Building a workforce without limits

Global hiring continues to grow with many industries, such as manufacturing, construction, retail, and the financial sector, choosing to hire talent from outside of New Zealand. In this episode of BNZ Connect, Frances Cook talks to Bevan Stephenson who runs Global Strategic Partnerships for Deel, an all-in-one HR platform for global teams.

How to be lucky in business

The need for grit and resilience in 2023 is clear, but how do you grow this in the workplace? In this episode of BNZ Connect, Frances Cook talks to Michael Fooks from Indicator. Michael introduces the research of psychology professor Richard Wiseman, which tells us that luck is not as random as we might think. It’s predictable and there are actions you can do to improve your ability to experience being lucky in business.

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