Hastings Partners Centre

1st Floor, 205 Hastings St South, Hastings
To book a room at this Partners Centre, please phone 0800 273 916


  • Casual meeting spaces
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Good coffee
  • Latest newspapers and magazines
  • Print, fax, scan & copy
  • Sky TV
  • Wheelchair access

Specialists at this store

Rod Dalzell

Business Acquisition Manager

Richard Blamey

Partner - Senior Commercial

Penny Macklow

Transactional Solutions Specialist

Margaret Morris

Partner - Business

Henry Tietjen

Partner - Agribusiness

Grant Wait

Partner - Property Finance

Josh Rumble

Partner - Commercial

Alison Wilton

Private Banker

Philip Teague

Senior Partner

John G Pearce

Partner - Agribusiness

Garry Hrustinsky

Private Banker

Dave Bartram

Partner - Agribusiness

Sue Hartley

Partner - Business