A better way to manage your clients’ funds

Client Fund Service is a secure online deposit management tool that makes it easier for you to manage or invest funds on behalf of other people.

Simplify your service. Take it online.

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Earn more interest

Earn a higher rate of interest or commission on trust funds (or ‘pooled’ individual funds) by moving them into a term investment, or keep them on call. It's up to you.

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Pay commissions

You can earn and pay commissions with Client Fund Service, and automatically receive calculated tax and interest.

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Free to use

Signing up and using Client Fund Service is free for all users, and there are no fees charged for the Client Fund Service^.

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24/7 Access

Work when it suits you. Client Fund Service is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week - so you can manage your funds when it suits you^.

Extra security for you and your clients

Protection from fraud

Your clients’ money is protected from risks of fraud because you can’t transfer funds to other accounts.

Control access

Three levels of access enable you to provide individuals with access appropriate to their role.

Online security

An extra layer of online security protection is provided by NetGuard.

Is Client Fund Service right for you?

Client Fund Service is designed for you if you manage funds on behalf of other people. 


Anyone who manages funds on behalf of clients, but who currently doesn’t offer call or term investment facilities, such as solicitors, accountants, stockbrokers, financial consultants, real estate agents.


Those who manage a number of investments belonging to their own organisation, such as health boards, local authorities, schools, businesses, trustees.


Groups with several members who wish to ‘pool’ their savings together to earn better interest rates for themselves. For example: community groups, service groups, not-for-profit organisations.

Registering for Client Fund Service

First, you'll need to check with your BNZ Partner that you have the correct bank accounts loaded to register for online Client Fund Service, and read our Client Fund Service Terms and Conditions.

Then, complete the online registration form, print it out and have it signed by all account owners. Then post or fax the form to the Bank. 

For more information on registering for Client Fund Service, see our help and support page or  call 0800 269 4242, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm.


Client Fund Service help and support