A passion for people

Whether it’s helping parents budget for a growing family, or planting trees in a local park, we’re supporting our communities in whatever way we can.

Together, we’re doing good things


BNZ staff get two paid days a year to volunteer in the community. They can put their business skills to good use, or work on projects close to their heart. Last year, as part of Closed for Good, we ran 37 financial literacy projects to help people understand their finances.

Financial support

Our Community Finance initiative offers fee free, low-interest and no-interest loans to families on low incomes. Many of the loan applications are for cars, so people can get to work, or for unexpected dental bills or essential household items.

Closed for Good

Closed for Good is our annual day of volunteering. Every year we close our doors for one day, roll up our sleeves, and get out into our communities to lend a hand.

In 2016, 3,266 BNZ staff worked on more than 500 projects nationwide – doing everything from fence painting, cleaning up public spaces, or running financial literacy workshops.

Supporting community organisations


A growing family can be a financial challenge, so we partnered with Plunket to create the Baby Budget calculator.

Age Concern

Together with Age Concern and other organisations, we're working to reduce the financial abuse of the elderly.


We've teamed up with Bamzonia to deliver online financial education programmes to low-decile schools.

Raising awareness of scams

Scam Savvy is a toolkit we've developed to educate our customers and communities on the different types of financial scams, and how to avoid them.

Find out more at bnz.co.nz/goodreport

Making banking accessible to everyone

Educating communities

We work with the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income and organisations like Age Concern, to help provide resources and education to communities that need it.

Enhancing our services

We’ve made our ATMs, stores, and office buildings wheelchair accessible, and endeavour to provide services and facilities that are accessible for hearing and vision-impaired customers.

Improving standards

Together with the New Zealand Bankers’ Association and other New Zealand banks, we've supported the introduction of voluntary guidelines to meet the needs of elderly and disabled customers.

How can we help?

If you have an idea for how BNZ could do more, or would like to hear more about our work with the community and the environment, please get in touch.

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