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Keeping your mobile secure

Follow these recommendations to maximise security when using online banking with your mobile phone:

  • Unless you’re using our app for iPad, iPhone or Android, always visit Mobile Banking, our website or Internet Banking by typing into the address bar.
  • Log out of Mobile Banking as soon as you have finished.
  • Never leave your mobile phone unattended while you’re logged into Mobile Banking.
  • Never disclose or copy your access number, password or NetGuard card details.
  • If you're using Touch ID to log in to Mobile Banking, don't allow other people to access your mobile device using Touch ID or your device password. Any fingerprint that can unlock your device, will also be able to access your accounts.
  • Only install BNZ Mobile Banking applications from the Apple App Store or the official Google Play. We will only publish applications and updates to these places.
  • Clear the browser cache and cookies regularly (refer to your phone’s manual for information on how to do this).
  • Keep your smartphone’s operating system and any relevant anti-virus software up to date.
  • When using your phone in public places, make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder to get sensitive information, such as your access numbers, passwords or other personal information.


  • Make sure your password is known ONLY to you.
  • When choosing a password, avoid easily-guessed things like parts of your name, your pet’s name, numbers from your Internet Banking access code or the street you live on.
  • Try to create a password that is a mixture of letters (lower and upper case) and numbers.
  • Change your password regularly; this can be done via Internet Banking.