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Understanding Mobile NetGuard

Our personal and business mobile banking apps (for iPhone and Android) come with Mobile NetGuard. Mobile NetGuard automatically authenticates your details when you login from your device, meaning you don’t need to enter in any coordinates or codes from your NetGuard card or token.

Activate Mobile NetGuard

The first time you use Mobile Banking, you’ll need to activate Mobile NetGuard using your NetGuard card or token. You only have to activate Mobile NetGuard once, then you can log into Mobile Banking with only your Internet Banking password.

Using Mobile NetGuard on different devices

With personal mobile banking, Mobile NetGuard works on four devices at a time. On the business mobile app though, Mobile NetGuard can only be used on one device. If you activate it on another iPhone or Android device, it will be disabled on the first device.

Lost or stolen mobile devices

Call us immediately on 0800 999 269 (or +64 4 494 7153 if you’re overseas) so we can disable Mobile NetGuard. Alternatively, you can activate Mobile NetGuard on another iPhone or Android device (if you have one), in order to disable Mobile NetGuard on the lost or stolen device.

Keep your NetGuard card or token

You’ll still need your NetGuard card or token to log into Internet Banking or Internet Banking for Business from a computer and also to reactivate Mobile NetGuard if you need to.