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BNZ Recognition

BNZ Recognition is one way we acknowledge our customers for their total relationship with us.  That’s why our BNZ Priority and Premium customers enjoy a special level of recognition that unlocks preferential treatment, extra benefits, and service enhancements to help them be good with money. 

Priority and Premium benefits




Priority phone access
Access to Premium Banking Specialists -
Annual financial health check -
Free one-on-one financial consultation -
Monthly base fee waived^ on YouMoney and TotalMoney transaction accounts
Credit card account fee waived^
Credit card joint/additional card holder fee waived^
Partner or spouse recognition

Benefits in more detail

Priority phone access

Priority and Premium customers have priority phone access when you call us on our general enquiries line 0800 275 269. By using the 9-digit access number from the back of your BNZ credit and debit cards, you’ll always jump to the front of the queue. 

Premium Banking Specialists

In addition to the store, phone and digital channels customers already use, Premium customers will have access to a dedicated team of experienced Premium Banking Specialists who are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Exclusive to Premium customers, this team provides proactive support with everyday banking, lending, investments and insurance. 

Annual financial health check

Each year, one of our Premium Banking Specialists will be in touch with Premium customers to do a free review and financial health check. This includes making sure your accounts are structured correctly and are aligned with your financial goals, and checking whether there’s anything more we can do to help you save on fees and interest.

One-on-one financial consultation

Premium customers receive a  free one-off financial consultation with one of our Wealth Specialists. These specialists help ensure you are on the right path to building and protecting your wealth. Wealth Specialists will also provide a no obligation written snapshot of the consultation. To book a consultation, simply complete our contact form and a Wealth specialist will get back to you with a time to suit. Or you can call our general enquiries line 0800 275 269 and enter your 9-digit access number found on the back of your BNZ credit and debit cards.

Partner or spouse recognition

If you're a Priority or Premium customer and you have a joint credit card, transaction account or home loan with your partner or spouse, they’ll receive all the same BNZ Advantage benefits as you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Priority or Premium customer?

Entry to BNZ Recognition is currently by invitation only. We look at a number of things when selecting customers, including total banking relationship and tenure. When customers have met the requirements for inclusion, they will be advised in the month following qualification.

How long do Recognition Benefits last?

Benefits for all tiers can be enjoyed for at least 12 months from the date of invitation. 

Can I drop out of my current tier?

Yes, however you will be notified of any change in Recognition programme memebership at least 6 months prior to this taking effect.

Contact us

For more information about Priority or Premium recognition, call our general enquiries line 0800 275 269 and enter your 9-digit access number found on the back of your BNZ credit and debit cards.

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Small Print

BNZ can change or discontinue BNZ Advantage Recognition at any time. Customers will enjoy BNZ Advantage Recognition benefits for at least 12 months from the date of invitation; we will review membership after that date. If you are already on another BNZ benefits package you’ll receive whichever benefit is better. 

BNZ Advantage Recognition, including the extension of BNZ Advantage Recognition benefits to your partner or spouse, does not extend to customers managed by BNZ Partners or BNZ Private Bank as they are recognised under these programmes. The recognition benefits only extend to one spouse or partner. If the partner or spouse is an additional credit card holder only with no joint products, the Priority or Premium benefits will not extend to the partner or spouse.

The BNZ Recognition programme has been developed in consultation with existing customers and the associated features and benefits continue to be reviewed through regular customer feedback channels.

  1. Only available for personal customers. Excludes trusts, partnerships, and companies.