Fix with certainty or float with confidence

Whether you want the certainty of fixed repayments, the flexibility to move your money around – or a combination of the two, we have a home loan to suit. 

4.39% p.a. 2 years fixed home loan special

Lock in this great rate on our Classic home loan, when you have your everyday banking and one other product with us. Offer extended.*,1

Minimum equity requirement.

We have three types of home loans

line house flybys

Fly Buys
home loan

Collect Fly Buys points2 on your loan balance. Each month you'll collect nine points for loans less than $50K, 34 points for loans between $50K-$149K or 84 points if your loan is $150K or more. Calculate how many Fly Buys points you could earn.

line house totalmoney

home loan

A floating loan that takes the combined balances of your TotalMoney everyday and savings accounts and subtracts them from the total owing on your mortgage, potentially saving you time and money5Calculate how much you can save.

line house small

home loan

This loan is only available from time to time when we offer a special fixed rate on selected terms. Keep your eye out for these great rates. 1 

Grab a great mortgage rate

Choose a fixed or floating rate, or get a combination of the two for ultimate flexibility. See all rates.

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A low equity premium
may apply

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Compare home loan rates, fees and benefits

View and compare all of our home loans and choose the one that's right for you. 

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Shred my mortgage

We want you to be mortgage free sooner. Talk to us about how we could help you shred years and thousands off your home loan.

To calculate how much you could shred off your mortgage, visit

Home loan calculators

How much can I borrow?

Work out how much you could borrow based on your current income and expenses.


How fast can I pay off my home loan?

It’s important to factor in what your regular mortgage repayments will be when choosing and budgeting for a home.


How fast can I pay off my home loan?

Work out how many years it will take to pay off your home loan, based on your fortnightly or monthly mortgage repayments.


Talk to a mobile home loan specialist

Whether you need help choosing your first home loan, want expert advice, or looking to switch to BNZ – our team is here to help and we'll come to you.7

What you’ll get with a BNZ home loan

Total flexibility

Choose one of our fixed or floating rates, or mix and match a combination of the two by splitting your mortgage into fixed and floating portions. 

Tailored repayments

By making a small increase to your repayments each year you could save thousands in interest and shave years off your home loan.More about tailored repayments.

Lock in a rate

If you like the look of one of our fixed rates, we can hold it for up to 60 days so you don’t miss out.3

Choose your term

You decide the total length of your home loan with us – it can be any length up to 30 years. 

Option to pay extra

You can repay any amount, anytime with our floating home loans. For fixed loans, repay up to 5% of the outstanding loan balance at the start of your fixed rate term. Not available on Classic home loans. 


Re-draw funds

Access extra repayments you've made on your loan above the required minimum, if you need to. You can't do this while your loan is still on a fixed interest rate.4

Get conditional approval and be ready to move

Know what you can afford and be ready to move quickly on the home you want. Plus, it's easy to apply for conditional approval.

Request a call backMore about conditional approvals

Small Print

All home loans are subject to our lending criteria (including minimum equity requirements), terms and fees. Interest rates are subject to change. An establishment fee of up to $400 may apply for personal lending (the fee may be different for non-personal lending). Not for business purposes.

  1. Rates subject to change. Classic fixed rates are only available when you have at least 20% equity in the property provided as security, but where Auckland residential investment property is involved, more equity may be required, if Reserve Bank minimum equity restrictions apply. A BNZ transactional account with your salary or wages credited and one other product is required. A ratelock fee and early repayment charges may apply. Not for packaged offers. 
  2. Fly Buys terms and conditions apply. BNZ (and its related companies) do not guarantee the redemption of Fly Buys or that Fly Buys will continue to be offered for products or services provided by them. The BNZ Fly Buys home loan is also known as the BNZ Standard Home Loan. Fly Buys collection rates can change without notice.
  3. Ratelock fee may apply.
  4. Low equity premium may apply if the amount of your loan increases the LVR of your home loan to 80% or over. Subject to lending criteria. Conditions apply.
  5. TotalMoney terms and conditions apply.
  6. Tailored home loan repayments are not available on Rapid Repay, Mortgage One, any of our Interest Only loans, or Progressive Drawdown loans. With some fixed interest rates, if you increase the amount of your repayments, make lump sum repayments, or pay off the loan early, you may incur an early repayment charge.
  7. Mobile home loan specialists cover the Auckland Region, Hamilton City and surrounds, Tauranga, Napier/Hastings, Christchurch City and surrounds and the Wellington Region.

Read our full home loans terms and conditions

Rate subject to change. Offer previously available to 18 October 2015, has been extended until further notice for Classic 2 years.