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MoneyMap will be discontinued in November 2014.

We regret to advise that MoneyMap will be discontinued in November 2014. Unfortunately Xero Personal, on which MoneyMap is based, is being withdrawn by Xero, so we will no longer be able to provide MoneyMap to our customers.

If you're an existing MoneyMap customer there's nothing you need to do right now - you can continue to use MoneyMap as you do now until November 2014. If you do decide to cancel your subscription, however, we recommend that you export your categorised transaction history, in case you need it later.

Over the coming months we'll provide more updates for you, so check back here to find out more.

Questions about MoneyMap

Can I continue using MoneyMap?

Yes, you can continue to use MoneyMap without taking any action until it is discontinued by Xero in November 2014.

What will happen to my data and financial information once the service ends?

When MoneyMap is discontinued all customer data held by Xero will be deleted.

Can I cancel my MoneyMap registration?

Yes. Click on the 'Manage registration' link in the MoneyMap panel on the right hand side of your Internet Banking homepage. If you have YouMoney, you'll need to select classic Internet Banking under the help menu first.

Can I export my transactions?

Yes. There is detailed information on how to export your categorised transactions from Money Map in the Xero Help Centre.

If I'm having problems with MoneyMap who do I contact?

Technical support for MoneyMap is provided by Xero. There is a comprehensive online Help Centre on the Xero website, with the option to email the Xero Personal support team in the event that these resources do not answer all your questions.

My account transactions are sent to MoneyMap. How secure is it?

MoneyMap is very secure. All transactions and account information is encrypted when it is sent to MoneyMap.

What BNZ accounts can I have in MoneyMap?

Any transactional account, savings account or credit card that you currently access in Internet Banking can be in MoneyMap. Transactions from these accounts will be transferred at the end of each business day. You can also add Assets and Debt items to give you a more accurate Net Worth.

Does MoneyMap cost?

MoneyMap is free to personal Internet Banking customers for the first three months, and after that it's $5 a month (GST inclusive).

Read the Money Map terms and conditions