Group your everyday accounts together (yours plus other family members) and earn or save interest on the combined balance.^

  • -% p.a. (-)
  • -% p.a.(-)

Credit interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

With up to 50 accounts for $10 per month^ you can set up your TotalMoney group to have different accounts for different expenses or savings goals and earn interest on the combined account balances or to offset a TotalMoney Home Loan (service and facility fees apply).

Or, you can form a group with your parent’s, partner’s or kid’s accounts. Everyone keeps complete control of their own accounts, but you all get the benefits as if you are one customer. This means you could all earn more interest on your everyday money and savings or save interest on your TotalMoney Home Loan.

Let all your accounts earn or save you interest

When you combine your TotalMoney accounts into a group, we then treat the money as one big total when calculating the interest rate that will apply. We call it pooling. Every account earns the same interest rate, but they stay completely separate.

If you have a TotalMoney Home Loan you use the balances of your TotalMoney transaction and savings accounts to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage.

Control your accounts with Internet Banking

With TotalMoney you can simply log into Internet Banking and:

  • Open and close TotalMoney accounts for yourself^
  • Set up and change text and email alerts, which you get for no extra charge with TotalMoney
  • View online statements

Do your banking however you choose

With a TotalMoney account there are so many ways you can do your banking. Telephone and internet banking, ATMs, EFTPOS and BNZ tellers are all available to help you manage your money. You also have the option of using cheques, direct debits and bill payments, plus you can have your income paid directly into your account.

The option to apply for an overdraft

If you need to withdraw more than you have in your account you can apply for an overdraft.^ It’s an easy way to get a small loan to see you through. Arranging an overdraft facility ahead of time means it’s always there when you need it. Plus you’re more likely to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of having a payment declined.

Everyday accounts rates, fees and benefits

We have a range of transaction and savings accounts to help you reach your goals faster.

See our rates and fees

Rates and fees are subject to change.

Everyday banking help and support

Small Print

Account opening and lending criteria, establishment fee and facility fees apply. 

  1. Maximum of 50 accounts in a TotalMoney group.

  2. Fees are subject to change. Fees are charged on the last business day of each calendar month and are based on the period between the last business day of the previous calendar month and the second to last business day of the current month, inclusive.

  3. Establishment fee and facility fees apply. Debit interest charges may apply. Debit interest is calculated daily and charged to that account monthly.

Full details, TotalMoney terms and conditions and Disclosure Statement may be obtained free of charge from any BNZ store or