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BNZ Gold

Get up to 35 days of international leisure travel insurance.

BNZ Gold

  • Collect Fly Buys Points faster
  • Extra insurances to provide added purchase protection1
  • Choice of Visa, MasterCard or American Express®
  • Up to 55 days interest free

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Get a low rate of 1%8 p.a. when you transfer to us

Transfer an existing credit or store card balance you have elsewhere to a credit card with us and all you'll pay is 1% p.a. for 12 months on that balance, when you also have your main income paid into one of our transaction accounts (like YouMoney). If you don't have a transaction account with us, we'll still give you 3.99% p.a. for 12 months on a transferred balance, whether you're new to BNZ or we already know you. Unfortunately, there are no loyalty points or interest free days on the amount you transfer and you can't transfer a balance from another one of our credit cards. Find out more.

Collect Fly Buys Points

Once you link your BNZ Gold credit card to Fly Buys2, you'll collect points every time you buy something with your card; even on everyday purchases like groceries and petrol. With Visa and MasterCard you'll collect one point for every $40 you spend on purchases.3 With American Express card you'll get one point for every $20.3 It's free to join Fly Buys and you can redeem your Fly Buys online for all sorts of rewards.

Collect points twice at Fly Buys retailers

At retailers that offer Fly Buys, you can collect points twice. Just pay with your BNZ Gold credit card and swipe your Fly Buys card as well. It is a great way to boost your points total and get rewards sooner.

International leisure travel insurance at no extra cost

As a BNZ Gold credit cardholder, you could be eligible for 35 Day Gold Card International Leisure Travel Insurance4 on overseas travel of up to 35 days long.

For the full details of this insurance, please read the BNZ 35 Day Gold International Leisure Travel Insurance Policy PDF 160KB.

Your purchases are protected

Your Gold card comes with Extended Warranty, Purchase Protection, and PriceGuard insurances1.

  • Extended Warranty this can extend the warranty period beyond the manufacturer's original warranty on purchases you make with your card by up to 12 months1.
  • Purchase Protection – can give you 90 days' insurance against theft, loss or damage on purchases you make with your card1.
  • PriceGuard – when you buy something worth $150 or more with your card and then see it advertised somewhere else for less within 30 days of purchase, you could get the difference refunded up to a maximum of $1000 for each purchase1.

For full details of these insurances, please read the BNZ Gold Card Insurances PDF 160KB document.

A higher credit limit for freedom and peace of mind

With our Gold card you'll have more flexibility when it comes to larger purchases. It will also help you to quickly cover unexpected expenses or take advantage of special opportunities.

Great value

The BNZ Gold credit card has an account fee5 of just $40 every six months with an additional/joint card fee of $12.50 every six months. And if you repay your credit card statement balance in full and on time each month, you'll pay no interest on your purchases. With BNZ credit cards, this means you can get up to 55 days interest free on purchases.

Low minimum payment in case you need it

Each month, you can choose to pay as little as 2% or $25 of your outstanding balance (plus any overlimit or overdue amount), whichever is greater. We recommend that you repay all or most of your outstanding monthly balance, as you will be charged the current applicable interest rate on any remaining balance, but it's nice to know that the minimum payment option is there when you need a bit more flexibility.

Need cash in a hurry?

You can use your Gold card to get a cash advance from ATMs6 here and overseas7. There's no interest-free period for cash advances, so using your credit card to borrow cash is just like getting an instant loan.

Use your card to quickly pay for purchases

All BNZ chip Visa and MasterCard credit cards issued since 31st October 2012 have contactless technology, allowing you to use your card to quickly pay for purchases of up to $80 in New Zealand without a using a PIN. Learn more about contactless technology.

Security to protect you from fraud

Our credit cards come with security features to help protect you from credit card fraud when you make purchases online and over the counter. We also have world-leading technology, LENSecure, that updates your Visa and MasterCard credit card information with every balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance6 at a BNZ ATM. This helps protect your card from counterfeit fraud.

Visa and MasterCard also come with added security, so you can feel more secure when you use your credit card to buy online. Find out more about using your Visa or MasterCard when shopping online.

View more tips on using and managing your credit card.

Exclusive offers with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Get exclusive entertainment offers with your Visa card through Visa Entertainment, including ticket pre-sales for concerts. If you have a MasterCard, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and packages on travel, dining, entertainment and retail with MasterCard Privileges. American Express also offers you benefits and rewards and the opportunity to use your BNZ or GlobalPlus American Express credit card to shop online in the US at Globaleshop, giving you access to thousands of online stores in the US.

 Rates and fees6
Interest rates9
Purchase interest rate View rates here
Cash advance interest rate View rates here
Interest free days
Interest free days Up to 55 days interest free
Card charges5
Account fee $40 half yearly
Joint/additional account fee $12.50 half yearly
Miscellaneous charges
Foreign currency service fee7 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of every Foreign Currency Transaction (as defined in the relevant credit card terms and conditions). There are some Foreign Currency Transactions on which we do not charge a foreign currency service fee, and there are some limited differences in the way a foreign currency service fee is charged on Visa, MasterCard and American Express Foreign Currency Transactions (see small print).
Late payment fee $15.00
Over limit fee $20 per statement (on each statement until the account is back within its limit)
Replacement card10 $Nil
Statement copy $Nil
Voucher copy $Nil
Cash advance fees6
Electronic via NZ BNZ ATM, Telephone Banking or Internet Banking $1.00
Electronic via NZ non-BNZ ATM $2.00
Teller assisted $5.00
All overseas transactions $7.50

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