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PC Business Banking forms and guides


Amendment forms

Modify users, access levels and limits PDF 116KB

Load or modify account access PDF 117KB

Authority forms

To Disclose Other Bank Information PDF 44KB

To Disclose National Australia Bank Account PDF 44KB

Cancellation form

Cancellation of PC Business Banking PDF 45KB

Third party authorisation forms

Authorise BNZ to send account(s) information  PDF 93KB

Authorise BNZ to cancel access to account(s)  PDF 45KB

Authorise BNZ to accept instructions from other agents  PDF 95KB

Technical Guides

Technical Requirements PDF 228KB

Interface File Formats PDF 1.1MB

Need help?

For technical help or advice, email us or call the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269, Monday - Friday1, 8am - 8pm. If overseas, call +64 4 460 0368. International toll charges apply.

Small Print

  1. Excluding New Zealand Public Holidays.