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Accepting ‘card not present’ payments on PayClip

If your business takes orders over the phone you can apply to have ‘card not present’ functionality added to your PayClip account. This is sometimes called MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) and lets you accept payments when your customer’s card is not present.

How to take ‘card not present’ payments

On PayClip, you can take ‘card not present’ payments through the Virtual Terminal, which looks just like a standard payment page on a website. Simply ask your customer for their card details, including the security code, and type the details into the PayClip app on your smart device, or the PayClip merchant portal on your internet browser.

Get your business set up

If you’d like to accept payments over the phone on PayClip, call us on 0800 729 254 to apply. Our Merchant Services Team will ask you several questions to assess your application.

Things to know

‘Card not present’ payments do have higher rates of fraud and chargebacks. When taking these types of payments, the liability is on the merchant to be sure the person paying is the rightful owner of the card.

Please make sure you read our merchant guide, specifically the section on business protection, so you can be aware of the warning signs of fraudulent ‘card not present’ transactions and take the right steps to protect your business.