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Combining NetGuard tokens

You can use one NetGuard token for all of your Internet Banking for Business.

If you’ve ended up with more than one NetGuard token, you can combine your services into the same token. You will need to know:

  • the serial number of the NetGuard token you want to keep
  • the access numbers of the accounts you want to use the token with.

 To combine your NetGuard tokens

  1. Print off then complete the NetGuard consolidation form PDF 33kb
  2. Get the form signed by the owner(s) of your company’s BNZ bank accounts.
  3. Scan and email the form to or fax it to (04) 474 7777.

To use mobile authentication instead of a NetGuard token 

You can set up and use the BNZ Mobile Business Banking app to log in to your Internet Banking for Business, instead of using your NetGuard token.

Note that if you’ve already combined NetGuard tokens for multiple organisations, you’ll need to use the 6-digit code generated by the Mobile Business Banking app to authenticate yourself for all of them.