Common questions about PC Business Banking

Technical help

How do I contact the PC Business Banking Support Team?

The PC Business Banking Support team can be contacted for technical help or advice by:

PC Business Banking Support team


Local - 0800 280 269

Overseas - +64 4 460 0368 (International toll charges apply)

Monday - Friday*, 8am - 8pm (excluding New Zealand Public Holidays)

Fax +64 4 460 0350

What are the PC Business Banking Server Dial-Up numbers?

To dial the PC Business Banking server:

Server Dial Up

Local 0800 722 268
Overseas +64 4 471 2587

How do I reduce the amount of data that PC Business Banking holds?

To reduce the amount of data stored, the number of Days History needs to be reduced. This can be done for all modules listed or specifically for one, please refer to your Super User.

How do I back up the PC Business Banking database?

Your computer or network support person will need to call the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269 for back-up instructions specific to your company.

Backup of the PC Business Banking database is a procedure that should be run regularly. If the database is not backed up and it becomes corrupted, all information can be lost.

PC Business Banking User or Account Access Amendments

Can we have more than one Super User?

Yes, a site can have up to 3 Super Users. To add additional Super Users, complete the section Super User on your PC Business Banking Amendment form: User Access. Ensure all fields are completed in this section.

Can more than one person access PC Business Banking at the same time (i.e on a network)?

Yes. PC Business Banking can be set up on more than one computer (if on a network) allowing multiple access to the database.

Logging on and Passwords

I am a Sub User that has forgotten my password. What do I do?

Your Super User can set up a temporary password to allow you to log on. Once you have logged on with the temporary password, you must select a new password for yourself.

I am a Super User that has forgotten my password. What do I do?

You need to contact the PC Business Banking Support Team to have your Super User unlocked.

Please have your PC Business Banking ID and Codeword ready so that the Support Team can verify your identity. Once this has been done, they will take you through the resetting process. The computer you are using must have a connection to the Bank.

What can I do if I have forgotten my ‘Codeword’?

Complete the section 'Super User' on your User and Limits - Amendment form on the Online Resources page. Ensure all fields are completed in this section.

What can I do as a PC Business Banking Super User to maximise security?

  • Ensure that instruction limits exist for each Sub User and instruction type
    Consider having more than one authoriser for PC Business Banking instructions, just as you can have two signatories for a cheque
  • Consider separating duties between Sub Users by having sub users that can only create payments, and Sub Users that only authorise payments
  • Ensure that Sub Users check 'created' status reports prior to authorising payments, and reconcile 'sent' status reports with 'created' status reports. These reports should then be filed with bank statements and any other finanical reporting information

What can I do as a PC Business Banking Sub User to maximise security?

  • Keep your password secret at all times. Never disclose it to anyone or record it anywhere
    Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to PC Business Banking
    Change your password at least once a month
    Always log off PC Business Banking when you have finished your banking

Can I increase the time it takes for my password to expire?

By default, passwords expire 30 days after being set (temporary passwords expire immediately). The Super User can increase the expiry period for any user’s password, to a maximum of 99 days, by calling the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269. It is recommended, however, that passwords are changed every 30 days.

Account Reporting

Why has my Statement of Account information not updated after I have completed a communications session?

The communications session has not successfully downloaded your information. Do another communications session, ensuring the Account Reporting module is selected.

How do I change my account names?

Only users who have Super User access, can change the account names. From the Administration menu, select the Account Maintenance option. Enter a new account name in the Nicknames field of the account name you want to change and click the OK button.

Why can’t I see some of the old Account Reporting data?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. PC Business Banking stores data for the number of days specified in the System Settings screen. Once the maximum number of days is reached, data that is older than the number of days specified will automatically be cleared.
  2. PC Business Banking defaults to the last business day the information was updated when showing statements. To view a previous day(s) information, use the drop down arrow (next to the Start and End dates) to select the date range required.


What is the latest time I can send a batch through PC Business Banking to ensure it will process today?

A batch must be received before 9:30pm each business day, to be processed that day

How do I check whether a batch has been sent to the Bank successfully?

Check that the batch has moved to the Sent status of its instruction type, view the batch and confirm the status reads sent. If the status does not read 'Sent' or the batch is not in the Sent status, or the batch summary screen status reads anything other than ‘Sent’, the batch has not been sent successfully.

When I try to attach my Attached File Instruction (AFI) file, the error message ‘PCB Attached File errors’ appears. What is wrong?

There is an error or incorrect formatting in your AFI file. The details of the errors are provided on screen and you are able print this information. These errors need to be amended before attaching the file for processing.

Can I overwrite a batch I have sent through?

No. In some circumstances, a batch can be stopped or reversed. A transaction fee applies. To do this, call the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269 as soon as possible.

I want to change the details of my batch but nothing I type appears on the screen. Why not?

This is normally caused by the payments in the batch being view mode rather than in edit mode. From the Batch Summary screen, ensure you click on Edit rather than View.


What should I do if my Communication Session freezes?

Sometimes a glitch will cause a Communications Session to stop part way through. It is best to simply wait for the session to time out (after approximately 20 minutes). Then try and do a communications session again. If you are still receiving errors on the second attempt, call the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269.

Note: Crashing out of a frozen session can damage your Operating System and the PC Business Banking database. BNZ does not recommend this course of action.

My communications sessions keep failing. How do I find out why?

When a Communications Session with the Bank fails, an error message is recorded in the Communications Manager.

The error message helps to identify why the communication session has failed. To discuss resolutions for a communication session failure, please call the PC Business Banking Support Team on 0800 280 269 for assistance.


What are the recommended procedures for payments prepared within PC Business Banking?

Where possible separation of duties should occur. Allocating Sub Users to one of the following actions only, would give the recommended separation of duties.

  • Ability to add or amend Bank Account numbers.
  • Preparing payment batches, checking and printing of relevant reports. The ‘created’ status report should always be printed and delivered to the authorisers.
  • PC Business Banking authorisers should be restricted to authorisation with no access to adding or amending account numbers, and no access to preparing payment batches. It is also recommended that two authorisations should be required for any payments to third parties.

As an Authoriser, what checking can I do before I authorise a payment?

Before authorising any payment batch, authorisers should be checking the following items on the ‘created’ status report from PC Business Banking:

  • Hash total
  • Total number of transactions
  • Total dollar value of transactions
  • Due date of transactions
  • Random checking of original customer supplied details eg Account Number should be carried out
  • List of transactions within the batch
  • The payment details could also be checked against the invoice.

What checking can I do after I have sent a payment batch to the Bank?

Once a payment batch has been sent to the Bank, the 'created' status report and the 'sent' status report can be reconciled by checking that the following information is the same:

  • Batch number
  • Hash total
  • Total number of transactions
  • Total dollar value of transactions
  • Due date of transactions
  • List of transactions within the batch

The reports should then be filed away with a copy of the PC Business Banking Bank statement showing the batch number has been processed.

Small Print

* Excluding New Zealand Public Holidays