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Tony’s Take – Economic commentary from BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander

Traditionally, one of the key reasons for a collapse in confidence in the retailing sector has been a hike in interest rates. Higher borrowing costs make people especially reluctant to buy expensive items like furniture, electrical appliances, and motor vehicles. Maybe one-day retailers will face such a threat to activity levels. But for now, the opposite is happening.

We have just seen a round of interest rate cuts from BNZ, in the absence of any official easing of monetary policy by the Reserve Bank. The cuts have been driven by lower wholesale borrowing costs which have fallen in response to continued low inflation signs and the risk that some businesses act on their high pessimism and reduce investment and hiring.

We are doubtful that these two areas will be much impacted by the high level of pessimism, but the fact remains that low inflation is producing newly low interest rates and these will tend to underpin consumer spending on large items, including houses, going forward.

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