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Get the latest retailer news on the New Zealand economy and merchant business in our monthly Retailer News. Each issue covers a range of topics, including merchant service updates, credit card fraud, and economic commentary from BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander.

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Tony’s Take – Economic commentary from BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander

Data recently released by Statistics NZ shows in the June quarter retail spending in dollar terms was a strong 6.6% ahead of a year earlier. Hardware type sales were ahead 13%, electrical goods 11%, and furniture etc. 9%, so it is not accurate to claim, as some have, that the result simply reflects a booming tourism sector. Kiwi households are enjoying the benefits of ultra-low borrowing costs, rising house prices, strong jobs growth, with extra households coming from record net inward migration.

Looking ahead, our expectation remains for continued firm growth in the NZ economy, low interest rates, strong population growth, and still further house price rises. These are all factors suggesting the mood of householders when it comes to retail spending will be good. A strong Christmas spending period looms.

Transaction Processing and Late Presentment time frames reduced

To simplify Visa rules and to promote efficiency, Visa will reduce transaction processing time frames (i.e. the time from the transaction date to when it is cleared) and globally align the charge back time frames for Reason Code 74. This change is beneficial for two reasons:

a) it allows issuers to better manage card holds
b) it reduces unnecessary cardholder complaints to merchants which can waste time.

Currently there are eight transaction types, with different processing time frames, which may also vary by region or country. And so, to simplify framework and align it globally, Visa is consolidating the transaction types into three categories:

Transaction type
Maximum Processing time frame
Visa Electron and ATM Within 5 calendar days of the transaction date
Visa Prepaid Load Service Within 2 calendar days of the Visa Prepaid Load Service date
All Other Transactions Within 8 calendar days of the transaction date

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