Newmarket Partners

330 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

To book a room at this Partners Centre, please phone 0800 273 916


  • Casual meeting spaces
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Good coffee
  • Latest newspapers and magazines
  • Meeting Room (capacity 16)
  • Meeting Room (capacity 4)
  • Meeting Room (capacity 6)
  • Meeting Room (capacity 8)
  • Print, fax, scan & copy
  • Sky TV
  • Wheelchair access

Specialists at this branch

Kelly Lim

Partner- Business Health

Andy Hewitt

Partner - Commercial

Jamie Pickford

Partner - Commercial

Linda Sturgess

Senior Partner

Carey Pearce

Private Banker

Thomsen McKenzie (Thom)

Partner - Commercial Health

Rebecca Weggery

Partner - Commercial

David Mullan

Partner - Cashflow Solutions

Richard Rayner

Commercial Partner - Health and Professional

Ty Ngo

Partner - Business Acquisition

Edward Leuschke

Partner - Property

Stephanie Sidoruk

David Moat

Insurance Specialist

Lisa Brouneus

Private Banker

Calvin Leung

Partner - Business - Mandarin - Fluent Verbal

Joyee Pincott

Parter Business

Rebekah McFadyen

Partner -Commercial

Harshad Tendulkar

Partner - Business Acquisition

Vimal Thevakulasingam


Connor Tharp

Transactional Solutions Specialist

Tim van der Kraaij

Partner - Business Acquisition

Young Yu

Private Banking Manager

Shannon Chee

Partner - Business Acquisition

Ian McAlpine

Partner - Commerical

Rajendra Bulchandani

Executive Banking Partner

Josephine Durcan (Jo)

Senior Partner- Health & Professionals