Miscellaneous charges

Foreign Currency Service fee^: 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of every foreign currency transaction (as defined in the relevant credit card terms and conditions).  The Bank does not charge a foreign currency service fee on purchase reversals, purchase refunds, ATM reversals and chargebacks. For those transactions (not including purchase refunds) we credit a foreign currency service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the New Zealand dollar value of the reversal or chargeback.

Late Payment fee: Nil (Purchasing and ePurchasing cards)

Over limit fee: $20 per statement (on each statement until the account is back within its limit) 

Replacement card^: $0

Statement copy: $1.50

Voucher copy: $25

Cash Advance^ via NZ BNZ ATM, Telephone Banking or Internet Banking: $1
Cash Advance via NZ Non-BNZ ATM: $2
Cash Advance — Teller Assisted: $5
Cash Advance — All Overseas Transactions: $0^