Cards for every business and every situation

Whether you’re looking for simplicity, low interest rates, control, or rewards, our cards have your business covered.

Choose from four great cards

bnz businessfirst visa paywave 180x112px

Business First Lite Visa

Low rate for small businesses

  • 14.95% p.a. interest rate
  • $5 monthly account fee
bnz businessfirst visa paywave 180x112px

Business First Visa

Simple purchases & expenses

  • 18.95% p.a. interest rate
  • $6.25 quarterly fee per card
business advantage 360x224

Advantage Visa Business

Fly Buys or Cash Rewards

  • 18.95% p.a. interest rate
  • $50 half-yearly account fee
Corporate purchasing visa 360x224px V4

Corporate & Purchasing

Manage corporate expenses

  • 18.95% p.a. cash advance interest rate
  • Account fee on application

Looking for a card for personal use? Check out our Personal credit cards.


How our cards can benefit your business

Illustration Movemoney

Take control of spending

Easily monitor spending so costs don’t get out of hand.

Illustration Easytomanage

Simplified reporting and reconciliation

Easily manage and reconcile business expenses.

Illustration flexiblepayments

Manage your cash flow

Manage your cash flow with flexible payment options.

Illustration Flybuys1

Your choice of rewards

Choose either Fly Buys points or Cash Rewards^.

Compare our cards

Business First Lite Visa

Our low interest rate business card that’s great for small businesses.

  • Purchase interest rate14.95% p.a.
  • Interest-free daysUp to 55 days
  • Account fee^$5 per month, per card
  • Number of cards per accountUnlimited
  • Advanced card security
  • Unauthorised transaction insurance^
  • Emergency travel assistance

Business First Visa

A card that simplifies purchasing and expenses for larger businesses.

  • Purchase interest rate18.95% p.a.
  • Interest-free daysUp to 40 days
  • Account fee^$6.25 a quarter, per card
  • Number of cards per accountUnlimited
  • Advanced card security
  • Unauthorised transaction insurance^
  • Emergency travel assistance

Advantage Visa Business

The card that rewards you with Fly Buys points or Cash Rewards – your choice.

  • Purchase interest rate18.95% p.a.
  • Interest-free daysUp to 50 days
  • Account fee$50 half yearly (6 monthly rebate)^ 
  • Number of cards per account2
  • Joint account fee$10 half yearly (6 monthly rebate)^
  • Advanced card security
  • Apple Pay-ready
  • Google Pay-ready
  • Travel insurance days^Up to 35 days
  • Rewards^Fly Buys or Cash Rewards
  • Spend to earn 1 Fly Buys point$15
  • Spend to earn $1 Cash Reward$75
  • Personal liability card^
  • Emergency travel assistance

Corporate and Purchasing Visa

Manage employee spending and keep on top of corporate costs, ideal for large businesses.

  • Cash advance interest rate^18.95% p.a.
  • Interest-free daysNot applicable
  • Account feeOn application
  • Number of cards per accountUnlimited
  • Customised card design
  • Advanced card security
  • Monthly statement date optionsSeven options
  • Various transaction limits
  • Compatible with Expense Management systems
  • Reporting options

Manage your corporate card expenses online

Save time and get visibility over your business expenses with FlexiPurchase, an online expense management system that lets you easily manage expenses like travel, office supplies, and entertainment.

We’ve got security sorted

Illustration Secure Fraud


You get the added security of Verified by Visa, and our liquid encryption security technology re-secures your card each time you use it at one of our ATMs.

Illustration Fraud


Our zero fraud liability guarantee means we’ll pay for transactions you didn’t make, as long as you’ve complied with the card’s terms and conditions.

Illustration Secure


Insurance that helps to protect your business against misuse of  your Business First Visa card by an employee or ex-employee. 

Miscellaneous charges

Foreign Currency Service fee^ 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of every foreign currency transaction (as defined in the relevant credit card terms and conditions).  The Bank does not charge a foreign currency service fee on purchase reversals, purchase refunds, ATM reversals and chargebacks. For those transactions (not including purchase refunds) we credit a foreign currency service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the New Zealand dollar value of the reversal or chargeback.

Late Payment fee $15,  Nil (Business First Visa — Control Plan, and Corporate and Purchasing Visa)

Over limit fee $20 per statement (on each statement until the account is back within its limit) Nil (Business First Visa — Control Plan)

Replacement card^  $0

Statement copy $5

Voucher copy $25

Cash Advance^ via NZ BNZ ATM, Telephone Banking or Internet Banking $1

Cash Advance via NZ Non-BNZ ATM $2

Cash Advance — Teller Assisted $5

Cash Advance — All Overseas Transactions $0^

Balance transfers^

Card type balance transfer rate
Term of transfer rate
Business First Lite Visa
-% p.a. 12 months
BNZ Advantage Visa Business
-% p.a. 12 months

BNZ Business First Visa and Corporate and Purchasing Visa are not available for balance transfers.