Merchant Services

Easy ways for your customers to pay.

Whether you are a retailer processing hundreds of transactions a day, or, you want to give customers the option of settling their accounts by credit card over the phone or Internet, we can deliver the payment tools to get the job done.


PayClip™ is a card reader that fits into the headphone socket of your smartphone or tablet to enable you to accept MasterCard and Visa credit and debit card payments on the go.
  • Improve the cash flow of your business by taking card payments on the spot
  • Accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and most Android smartphones and tablets


EFTPOS makes it a breeze to accept and process credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard.  And you’ll be connected to Paymark’s EFTPOS network, which is the largest EFTPOS network in New Zealand.

  • Convenient and easy for you and your customers to use
  • Connected to the Paymark EFTPOS network
  • Reduces cash and paper voucher handling


BNZ EdgePayroll is a simple and easy-to-use solution for all your payroll needs. EdgePayroll is a cloud based solution which means you can process your payroll from anywhere, at any time (as long as you have access to the internet and your mobile phone) so you know your staff will always be paid.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Process your payroll in one click
  • Secure, cloud-based system
  • Full support available from a New Zealand-based help desk
  • PAYE intermediary means you'll never miss a payment to the IRD



EFTPlus is a service that provides you with data about your customers through an analysis their electronic transactions, which gives you the ability to offer "card less" loyalty and reward programmes to create repeat business for your company.
  • Gain deeper insights into your customer base
  • Offer a "cardless" rewards programme
  • Send targeted text messages and emails to specific customers
  • Understand your business’ performance through EFTPlus' analysis of your electronic transaction data
  • Track and measure the response rates to your rewards programmes


Buy-Line+ Online is a web based browser that allows you to easily process your mail, telephone, fax and Internet credit and debit card orders, and get immediate authorisation.  You simply log into the Buy-Line+ web page and enter the details.

  • No system development
  • Real time processing
  • Available 24 / 7

Buy-Line+ Direct

Buy-Line+ Direct provides you with online real-time card processing. It’s the smart way to process mail, telephone and internet orders.

  • Real time processing
  • CurrencySelect
  • Available 24 / 7

Buy-Line+ Hosted

Buy-Line+ Hosted provides online processing of Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions. It gives you a secure payment page hosted by BNZ so you don’t have to build your own.

  • Link from your website to a secure web page hosted by BNZ
  • Process purchases and refund
  • Optional Secure ID field to minimise fraudulent transactions

BNZ Securit-e

BNZ Securit-e offers your business online credit card processing in real time. It’s ideal for medium to large businesses that need immediate authorisation when processing transactions by telephone, fax, mail order or over the Internet.

  • Real time processing
  • Certified Solution Providers (CSP)
  • Available 24 / 7

Credit Batch

Credit Batch offers your business rapid batch processing for card transactions, through our PC Banking channel.

  • Batch files
  • No transaction limits
  • Customer reference field


Lets your international customers pay by Visa or MasterCard in 12 approved foreign currencies when you add CurrencySelect service to your Buy-Line+ Online, Buy-Line+ Direct, Credit Batch or BNZ Securit-e.

  • Enables international customers to pay in a currency they know and trust
  • You’re paid in NZ dollars, and your international customer is debited in their own currency
  • Indicative FX rates and previous day’s settlement rates are displayed on our website

Paper credit card processing

An easy and convenient service for paper processing Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions, using vouchers and an imprinter (zip zap machine) or mail, telephone, fax and Internet order schedules.

  • Simple to use
  • Available 24 / 7
  • EFTPOS and Internet Merchant Sales and Services Helpdesk

DPS Payment Express

A payment gateway that lets customers make credit or debit card payments.  With full PCI compliance, DPS Payment Express supports online card processing and EFTPOS.

  • Sell in one of 12 approved foreign currencies
  • Technical support available 24x7
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant
  • Eliminates need to capture and store card data

UnionPay merchant service

With BNZ merchant services, your EFTPOS terminal can accept UnionPay cards. They're held by more than 2 billion people from nine countries.

  • Direct access to your accounts
  • Only pay a fee when you make a sale
  • If you are with BNZ already there's no change to your terminal

Complying with PCI DSS

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps you to protect customers' card data, which assists card security. BNZ can help you to achieve compliance with these standards.

  • Reduce the likelihood of a security breach
  • Protect your business against potential loss of revenue
  • Avoid penalties for non-compliance