Protecting our environment

We recognise and take responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment.

We’ve made changes to where and how we operate as a bank so we can do our bit to help save the environment. We believe that by maintaining the ecosystem and understanding the importance of the environment, we can address our broader responsibility to society.

We help to protect our environment by:

Did you know?

We use specialised environmental management software (FoundationFootprint™) to track and report on our environmental impact, so we know how we’re doing and where we can make improvements.

Having sustainable buildings

  • Our three main office buildings (two in Auckland, one in Wellington) are 5 Star Green Star NZ certified. This means they have an excellent environmental rating in New Zealand.
  • We save water by actively using features that minimise water usage.
  • We reduce our electricity usage by using smart metering and a facilities monitoring system.

Being carbon neutral

We’re one of New Zealand’s largest carbon neutral companies. We were the first bank to become carbon neutral, and have been since September 2010. We also offset any emissions we can’t avoid by following carbon offset guidelines.

Reducing emissions

We only travel on business when it’s necessary and use video and phone conferencing where possible. By having low levels of car parking and by installing bike racks at our offices and stores, we encourage our staff to use public transport or bike to work.

Working with our suppliers

As a large purchaser of goods and services, we have an opportunity to manage our supply chain (where and who we buy off) in a sustainable way.

We actively make sure that our suppliers are also doing their business in a sustainable way, by making sure they meet a set of specific sustainability requirements before we buy anything from them.

By managing our supply chain in this way, we're able to positively influence and change the way other suppliers do their business so that they are more sustainable.

Using environmentally friendly resources

  • We use Environmental Choice NZ certified products.
  • All our paper comes from sustainably-managed forests – our paper coffee cups in the partners centres are 100% compostable.
  • We’re one of New Zealand’s largest Fairtrade workplaces. All our tea, coffee, and sugar are Fairtrade certified. This means that everyone involved in producing these products receives a fair price and part of the price we pay goes into projects in their communities. 
  • We make sure that the materials (flooring, fittings, paint etc) for our office furniture and buildings have a low environmental impact.


We recycle everything we can, especially our day-to-day waste. We reuse our office furniture and strive to work in a paperless way. We also report on our waste so we know how we’re tracking.

Supporting environmental organisations

Kauri2000 Trust – together with the trust, we launched the BNZ Kauri Bond Issue scheme. For every Kauri bond issue we arrange, we aim to plant 100 kauri seedlings. So far, we’ve planted 4,800 seedlings.

Showing our support internationally

  • We’ve adopted the Equator Principles, which is a set of guidelines where participating banks around the world agree to only finance projects that are managed by a borrower with responsible business practices (environmental and social).
  • We’re a member (through our parent company NAB) of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, which helps investigate and support global research. 
  • Since Dec 2011, we’ve been a signatory to the Natural Capital Declaration, which reinforces the importance of natural capital in maintaining a sustainable global economy.