BNZ to provide specialist service for new home builders

Media release
9 March 2015

With the housing shortage reaching ever-increasing highs in Auckland and Christchurch, BNZ is piloting a service to provide specialist support to those building new homes. The BNZ Housing Under Construction Hub, provides specialised service and expert advice to customers building new homes.

BNZ director - retail and marketing, Craig Herbison, says BNZ has created the new centre of excellence to provide streamlined service and specialist advice to those building new homes.

“Building a new home brings with it particular circumstances and challenges. Our team of specialists will make the process faster and easier for our customers.”

Currently set up as a six month pilot in 27 stores in Auckland and Christchurch, the team will offer specialised advice and lending for all aspects of new home building such as financing, gaining Council consents, managing progress payments and obtaining the correct Council approvals. Customers can talk with the team by telephone or via video conference from their local BNZ store.

“With an increasing need for new housing in Auckland and Christchurch, it is important that we play our part by making the process of building a new home as straight-forward as possible for New Zealanders,” says Mr Herbison.

Last month, the Reserve Bank estimated Auckland had a backlog of unbuilt houses of 15,000 to 20,000 and needed to build 10,000 houses a year for the next 30 years to keep up with demand.