Email delivery of loan documentation

By requesting the Bank to deliver loan documentation to you via email, the following terms and conditions will apply to the email service.


You request that the Bank use the email service for the purpose of sending to you loan documentation via email. You acknowledge that a condition of the email service is that no clauses of any loan documentation received by you are to be added to, deleted or qualified without the prior written consent of the Bank.

Two or more customers

Where you comprise two or more persons, you all confirm that forwarding of the loan documentation to your email address will fulfil the Bank’s obligations in the provision of the email service.

Errors or discrepancies

You must notify the Bank immediately if there is an error or discrepancy in the loan documentation.


Emails sent from the Bank are marked “Confidential”. However you acknowledge that emails are transmitted over the internet which is an unsecure public domain and because of the risks of unlawful interception, corruption, non-delivery or mis-delivery the Bank cannot guarantee that loan documentation sent through the email service will:

  • Remain confidential
  • Be free from contamination by viruses, worms or trojans
  • Be free from interference
  • Be delivered in a timely manner or at all

Personal Information

You acknowledge, agree and confirm that if you use the email service your personal information contained in the loan documentation and the covering email may be transmitted via email. You further acknowledge that because of this your account manager may telephone you to confirm that the email was sent to your email address. Your account manager may need to ask you questions during any such telephone call for authentication / verification purposes.

Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003

By requesting the Bank to send loan documentation to you via email, you also consent to the Bank satisfying any relevant disclosure requirements under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 via the email service.


Before opening or using attachments you must check/scan them for contamination and other defects using the most recently released version of your anti-virus software.

PDF format

Attachments to emails sent through the email service will be in PDF format (which can only be accessed using Acrobat Reader). You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed to read it. The Bank does not warrant that you will be able to read or reproduce the attachment.


Subject to any applicable law which cannot be excluded and to all provisions implied by statute which cannot be excluded, the Bank accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of the use of the email service, including without limitation, any loss or damage caused by any viruses or other defects or for changes made to any email or to any attachments delivered to you during your use of the email service.


In these terms and conditions:

  • Bank means Bank of New Zealand and its related companies.
  • email service means delivery of loan documentation to you via email, at your email address
  • You means a Bank customer (and any third party(ies) who has accepted these terms and conditions and your has a corresponding meaning. Where there is more than one customer (and any third party(ies) you means all of them jointly and each of them severally
  • Your email address means the email address designated by you from time to time to the Bank