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Get to know us

Bank of New Zealand is part of New Zealand's DNA.

What we do helps New Zealand businesses operate, grow and prosper so jobs are created, families and lifestyles are sustained, communities thrive, and individual New Zealanders are able to realise their home ownership, lifestyle, investment and retirement dreams.

We are proud of the work we do and we are proud to be a bank that fosters a diverse workforce.

Our customer Promises

We've made six Promises to help you be good with money, and to help us be good with you.

It's sometimes hard to keep promises but we can assure you we'll be doing all we can live up to ours; from providing the best products and services for you, to just plain listening.

BNZ's six customer Promises

We'd love you to tell us how we're doing.

Champions for and enablers of a high achieving, successful New Zealand

We know:

  • what it takes to make businesses successful.
  • successful businesses create a successful New Zealand.
  • a successful New Zealand means higher living standards, healthier lives and higher standards of education.
  • we at BNZ can help New Zealand realise its potential and that is what we are committed to do.

Diversity in our workplace

We believe that having a diverse mix of employees and perspectives leads to better business performance, innovation, and creativity. A diverse workforce also means we can better reflect the communities we serve and better meet your needs.

Diversity to us is not only about having a diverse mix of people working for us, but also having a workplace culture that engages and unleashes their full potential in the workplace.

We think workforce diversity is a key driver of a high performing economy. So, in February 2014 we put together a free resource for businesses to share what we have learned. We hope other businesses join us in making a conscious investment in encouraging each and every New Zealander to perform at their best in their own way.

Did you know?

In 2013, we were one of five international organisations to be recognised by the United Nations for leadership empowering women in the workforce and community.